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Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

At Virgin Media, being responsible is a big part of who we are. To us, that means looking after our people, the environment and, of course, our customers. We take our impact on the environment and the community around us very seriously, and we want to get it right on the things that matter most. Here are our three top objectives:

• Building a low carbon, low waste business, making sure we minimise the impact we have on the environment.
• Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, where everyone feels like a valuable part of the team.
• Working with our suppliers to meet our sustainability challenges, think differently and find solutions together.

Our big goal is to help people lead sustainable digital lifestyles. This means ensuring that we meet our needs now without denying future generations the ability to meet theirs. It’s about ensuring that what we leave behind is good for people and the planet. To make this happen, we've prioritised the need to create a digital future where good things happen. We'll do that in two ways:

1) Leading the agenda about ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ in the digital world and

2) Investing in communities that will benefit from our help.

This is where is our staff come in, because we can’t do it without their help. There are loads of opportunities to get involved in community investment, from using volunteer days to our pound for pound matching on fundraising (up to a set limit) and payroll giving.

Want to know more? Visit our Sustainability website , where you will find lots more, including short films on what we’ve been doing to become a more responsible business.