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Your data is precious

You don’t want to think it’s safe as it flies across your network – you want to know it’s safe. We understand that. That’s why information security is top of our priority list. You wouldn’t want it any other way.

Your security. Our mission.

The safety of your data is paramount. That’s what drives us. So you’ll be pleased to know that following an audit by KPMG, all of our products achieved ISO27001 – the international standard for Information Security Management Systems. So you can rest assured that all your data is safe at all times.

You can also take comfort in the fact that we also hold certification for ISO9001 and ISO14001, the recognised standard for Quality Management and Environmental Management respectively. These overlap with ISO27001 and mean that you can be sure we’ll provide you with a consistent and sustainable service right across our organisation. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

When only the best will do.

You want the best. Nothing short of total reassurance. And it’s our aim to be undeniably the best. Together with other organisations, CESG, the Government’s Information Assurance (IA) authority, has developed a Next Generation Network certification scheme that will shape the way the Public Sector buys telecoms services. They’ve laid down a standard for information security called CESG Assured Services (Telecoms) (CAS(T)),sometimes known as NGN 2-2-4. It describes the auditable controls needed for operating a secure organisation. NGN 2-2-4 builds on ISO 27001. It not only defines what needs to be done, but also defines how it should be done.

Earlier this year we achieved the first Certification under CAS(T) meaning that five of our products are certificed to operate 2-2-4. But the work we’ve been doing doesn’t stop there. We want to give you the highest levels of security we can. We’re adding encryption and other protective data-handling measures that will make our networks compliant with the Government policies relating to the next level – NGN 3-3-4.

NGN 2-2-4 is the Government’s standard level for information security laid down by the CESG. Basically, it’s a set of auditable controls which tells us how a secure organisation should operate. The controls are based on three principles used to measure the impact of a security failure:

Confidentiality-Integrity-Availability. So referencing the impact levels of these principles numerically, the standard level of security is 2-2-4.


In safe hands.

You expect security with Virgin Media Business, yet you also want solutions that work – for you. We have a specialist team of security experts at your disposal. These specialists are members of CLAS – the CESG Listed Advisor Scheme – who are authorised to provide IA consultancy on systems marked-up to ‘Secret’.

And they’re just part of a bigger team that’s already trusted to provide secure networks for over 60% of the UK’s health and emergency services, and 30,000 public sector sites. Look who relies on us:

  • We help the National Policing Improvement Agency develop and manage new technology and support services to improve frontline policing.

  • We’re enabling the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Partnership to transform public service delivery through a network that will cover 1,000 sites at local authorities, fire services, schools, colleges and voluntary organisations.

  • We’re helping to transform education by enabling the delivery of online content, e-learning tools and feature-rich application and services to schools through the London Grid for Learning.

Companies in the financial services sector also need to ensure the integrity of customer data, we won’t let them down:

  • Providing Royal London Group, the country’s largest mutual life and pensions company with a secure and reliable communications infrastructure.

  • Helping to facilitate growth of the Countrywide group by providing a consolidated, resilient network across their businesses.

Customers like these trust us because we provide secure services and innovative solutions. For example, the IPCCTV solution we developed with Controlware Communications for North Lanarkshire Council won ‘Best Security Project’ at the IFSEC Security Industry Awards. So if you have similar requirements, look no further.

Your service level, our promise.

You’re always within our reach. That’s because our network is so vast. We’re one of only two UK network providers that have an end-to-end network solution. So you can expect us to deliver on the high SLAs we promise.

In the Public Sector you’ll be able to send information classified as ‘Restricted’ across a shared infrastructure. In the Private Sector you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your data is protected to the same standard.

PSN: Defining the future – together.

The security of the Public Serves Network (PSN) is hugely important. Our national security depends on it. So we’re not just sitting back and watching. We’re actively involved.

Our specialists are working with the Cabinet Office and various other engaged organisations to develop codes and operating models that will govern the PSN in the future. In fact, the PSN Accreditation Panel (PSNAP) have awarded us a 3-month Government Communication Network (GCN) Accreditation. We’re proud to be the first in the industry to attain accreditation for delivering PSN services. Now we are just completing the work necessary for full accreditation, so that soon we will be licensed to operate as a GCN Service Provider (GCNSP) and a Direct Network Service Provider (dNSP). Now that is great news!

This accreditation means that we can now push forward with Project Pathway.

This is the early adoption project to create the UK’s first GCN which will link together existing PSNs, including the Hampshire PSN.

One of our representatives is deputy chair of the CESG’s primary PSN workstream – the Assurance Workstream. It’s the team set up to lead the debate on issues surrounding the accreditation and authorisation of the PSN.

And the work we are doing on PSN security won’t just benefit the Public Sector. We’re passing on the advantages of higher security standards to our corporate customers too.

It’s your call.

When you’re choosing a network provider, you want to be sure you choose one that can give you the best advice and provide highly effective, secure solutions. At Virgin Media Business we have the network, certifications and expertise you need, whether you are in the Public or Private Sector.